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15 May 2010 @ 11:23 pm
Graphics by Michi: Google Themes  

My first official graphics YAYYYYY! :) The following are personal homepage themes. Yes, you can do this :P(I didn't know either before! XD)

If you don't know how I'll try to explain it cuz this is really cool! :D

Make sure your homepage is set to GOOGLE first.
2.) Click on the links down below (cuz that's only way I know XD)
3.) At the top of this page it says something like: My Designs/ Preferences/ Report/ Share/ Set Homepage! right? Click on Set Homepage! and it asks you: Use this webpage as your home page and click on that bubble.
4.) After that, click YES and you're all good :) But this is only if you set your homepage as GOOGLE, ok? So remember to set it as GOOGLE as I said above for Step 1.

 *note* this should work for IE and FF; others most likely but I'm not entirely sure I guess so try it out! :)

So here are the links to my themes(I know they aren't the prettiest things but I like them and it was fun making them ^^ So please no bashing :P I'm not very good at graphics and I don't have those awesome things like Photoshop to make these things so sorry ><)

--------> http://awesomestart.com/public/kangin-yesung (prompt for our 2010 challenge thingy~ #12: Fantisizing, Super Junior)
--------> http://awesomestart.com/public/yeeunteuk (prompt for our 2010 challenge thingy~#32: Cuticles, Super Junior)

~So enjoy~ :3
♥: blahblah