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24 June 2010 @ 09:48 pm
Fanart: Nichkhun Birthday Doodle  

Nichkhun Birthday Doodle -___-
Characters: Nichkhun
Rating: G
Warnings: Ugly! Random Doodle! Bad artist!<--Me >__> Rough Draft!
A/N: This is just a doodle, it's just the rough draft, and it's late alright and I'm not a very good artist so if you've got something bad to say about my doodle then save it -___- I know it's not great okay? Deal with it. Nobody's perfect and I just can't draw ;'( This was just something from the heart<33(; HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICHKHUN!! I just wanted to post this but I'd suggest you don't click on that link down there :/ This is drawn from this picture. kthxbai .__.

Doodles HERE! ;DD )
♥: my room
♥: blahblah
♥: tears run dry by brian joo<33(;